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MMK – transdisciplinary camp with AiR

with occasional posts from its offspring Free Traveling Radio

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Archive for August, 2012

GADI @ MMKamp’12

Posted by admin on 30th August 2012

Guerrilla Art Drive-in (GADI) je suradnički umjetnički multimedijalni projekt slovenskih i hrvatskih umjetnika. Radi se o multimedijalnim izvedbama u javnom prostoru, koji u sebi spajaju elemente gerila umjetnosti, eksperimentalne glazbe te umjetničkih filmova, a koristi uglavnom “Uradi sam” metode.

Guerrilla Art Drive-in projekt dio je MOBMOV CRO, prvog oficijelnog autokina koje se sastoji od:
jednog kombija;
jednog projektora;
jedne glazbene skupine;
jednog radijskoga odašiljača.

Radi na ovom principu: kombi iz kojega se projecira film je pokretan ili parkiran na mjestu gdje postoji mogućnost da se parkiraju i auti posjetitelja. Film pratite, kao i u američkim drive-in theater, iz vlastitog automobila. Glazbu izvode glazbenici u kombiju, te se putem radio odašiljača direktno prenosi na vaš auto radio, mobilni telefon sa radio prijemnikom, ili radio prijemnik. Stanica, tj. frekvencija koju trebate izabrati objavljena je netom prije projekcije.


Pozivamo vas u petak 31.8.’12. u 21 h u Čakovcu, gradsko parkiralište pored Trga Republike

U subotu 01.09.’12. u 21 h u Lepoglavu, Dom kulture


i 23 h u Varaždinu, parking studentskog doma.



Guerrilla Art Drive-In (GADI) is a collaborative multimedia project between Slovenian and Croatian artists. It is a multimedia performance done in a public space that combines elements of guerrilla art, experimental music and movies using “Do It Yourself” method.

Guerrilla Art Drive-In project is part of MOBMOV CRO, the first official drive-in cinema consisting of:
one van;
one projector;
a music group;
a radio transmitter.

It works like this: the van from which the film is projected is mobile or parked in a place where it is possible for visitors to park their cars. The audience watches the film as in the American drive-in theatres, from their own car. The music is performed by musicians in the van and the radio transmitter directs it to your car radio, a mobile phone with a radio receiver, or a radio receiver. The frequency you need to tune into is given just before the screening.


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Posted by admin on 12th August 2012

MMKamp ’12 is offering a wide range of activities in guerilla art – guerilla sound installations, guerilla moss graffiti, guerilla drive in, guerilla radio… MMakmp’12 headquarters will be set up in picturesque SPA resort, Sv. Martin na Muri, surrounded by a beautiful nature. Participants are welcomed to apply for MMKamp and actively participate in everyday activity: from cooking, to creating new ideas, to realizing them in group guerilla actions (GGA).

Dates: 27th August – 1st September.

Proposed activities:
1/ Videomobile – screening material from the travelling van (based on,
2/ Free travelling radio – ad-hoc radio show on pirate FM station (
3/ Moss graffiti – on billboards!! (
4/ Guerilla noise concert
5/ Add your idea here!

Cost: for 50 € participants get 5 days of accommodation at SPA resort that includes indoor and outdoor swimming, sauna. Participants are acoomodated in 5 beds apartments with kitchen (that is incredible 10 € par day!!). Participants have to take effort to arrange their own travelling to Sv. Martin and back, have to have sense of community (cooking and cleaning together, taking care of each other..)

Place: Spa (toplice ) Sv. Martin na Muri:
Međimurje county:

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