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Erecting Geo dome at MMK14

Mobile Art Dome is a project that brought geodesic dome to MMK14, working with participants and local enthusiasts to build a space for meetings, workshops, dialogue, research and presentations.

Local youth was proud they can participate in building, for them, strange architectural building.

Geo dome is equipped with 2 250 W panels and satellite dish and 1000 W inverter. Fully functional waiting for arrival of participants.


Ethicality cooking

With arrival of Roland Alton to MMK4 of daily activities are critically observed from the perspective of scarcity, abundance, ethicality and sustainability. Eating, driving and energy habits are discussed and sustainable alternatives proposed. Food production and distribution was one of the topics.

Mushroom hunt led by our host Dane was successful and went in accordance with our discussions. Not all of the musrooms are eaten the first day so we experiment with mushroom chips and drying mushrooms.

Our grill looks something like this:

Arriving to MMK

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From Gračac you go north the D1 street to Zagreb until the restaurant Zagi in Deringaj. There you have to take the unpaved road to the left or you follow the walking track over the hills (walking distance is about 20 minutes from the restaurant, here is the GPS track

Coming with train

Gračac has a train station with a few trains per day and one in the night from Split and Zagreb. The train station is 10 km away, so call 00 385 95 81 444 15 for pick up.

Coming with airoplane

The closest airport is Zadar.

Coming with car or bike

from Zagreb direction: pass Zagi restaurant and drive for another kilometre. You will see a bus stop on your left and a unpaved road that goes from the beginning fo that bus stop. Take that for 400 meters, cross the wooden bridge and another 50 meters turn left into the MMK field.

From Gračac: go direction Zagreb, pass by Lost Theory festival therein on your left, pass by entrance to Deringaj village on your left, drive for few kilometres until old bus stop. At the end of bus stop there is unpaved road to your right. Take that for 400 meters, cross the wooden bridge and another 50 meters turn left into the MMK field.

Water and MMK14

During rain cycles of recent days lots of thought was put to water politics, local resources and freedom of energy. H2O is being discussed as one of the most potential energy sources with infinite energy theory and Black Light Inc hydruino. Until commercial product that can deliver 3, 4, or 10 times more energy from water, we are stuck to DIY applications harnessing water power.

In the MMK14 area there is more than 30 fresh water springs ranging from small stream  ones to full blast ones.

Closest one to MMK location is underground water spring arranged by local villagers for their consumption. A place looks magical with willow tree next to it.

Heavy rains can influence small streams that are running criss cross the area.  Large lakes can form at places where medows were.

Ričice lake is stable one that provides water for Zadar kilometres away with modern aqueduct. Its untouched nature captures the eye.

Untill infinite energy technology arrives, this area can be populated with pico and micro hydro electricity production. Part of the MMKamp and Future Environments unconference will be dedicated to this ideas.

Rains causing delay in preparation

Idleness caused by the heavy rains obstructed our plans to erect geo-dome tent prepared for the lab, so we erected a temporary bio lab that was devastated by the wind and rain. Most of the equipment suffered from the humidity.

The terrain was under water, so infrastructure building was also stopped.

We required new equipment, rubber boots, and spent our days surviving in the driest area.

One of the older locals commented that rains of this proportion are not remembered. A river, he says, that is supposed to be dry in this time of the year, is bigger than it usually is in the November, the rain season.Our transport was stuck in the mud too.

Rains caused electricity shortages in the city, even train station computer was destroyed by the lighting shock. Our inverter from solar battery 12 to 220 volts, 1000 Watts, was, funny enough, not short circuited by the humidity, but by (!) ants. They found it so interesting that hordes of them went in. When we noticed, it was too late.

With the first sun, all equipment was taken out to dry.

Also our clothing needed drying too. Weather prognosis confirm sunny times till the end of the month. We have to catch up with plans.




Our crew went to the location and examined its ups and downs before the MMKamp started. We reasoned that inviting people there without knowing how it works was not showing our hospitality. So we spent 4 nights in tents experiencing rain and sun.

We erected a camp and solar panels, tested sun days and electricity consumption.

Solar showers from local store for below 10 € gave us nice warm water. Many other DIY applications were invented and used and many nice people were met at different locations.


Driving around presented us with great views of Lika.

Area around Gračac has dreams and adventures woven into it.


Silba Free Traveling Radio

Island Silba hosted FTR during MAVENA‘s program of Silba’s Cultural Summer. FTR was part of the workshops and programs Mobile Art Dome organized at Silba.

bacanje kamena

Action included setting up antenna on the nearby tree, erecting the working place – geodesic dome, and setting up a small studio. that was run on solar panels and batteries.

FTR was again especially enjoyed by youth that was natural and enthusiastic when improvising on free radio program.


Read more on Mobile Art Dome on Silba read here>>

MMKamp ’14 invitation

Multimedia camp 2014 is an international camp with the transdisciplinary strategies focusing on the theme “Future Environments”. MMKamp’14 is two months extended/hybrid cultural event, situated in rural area of Croatia, near the city of Gračac, in region of Lika.

During July and August 2014 artist in residence, workshops, Hackatron un-conference, ad-hoc and self initiated events will take place all connected to the areas of technology, ecology, society, environment, renewable energy, digital commons and recycling.

Most dense events time is second part of August where uconference agenda will be shaped and confirmed by the attendees at the beginning of the event. Anyone who wants to initiate a discussion on a related topic can claim a time and a space. Workshops, presentations, brainstorming, impro-session, all is welcomed.

An unconference is a participant-driven meeting. The term “unconference” has been applied, or self-applied, to a wide range of gatherings that try to avoid one or more aspects of a conventional conference, such as high fees, sponsored presentations, and top-down organization. (

The event is free of charge. There will be tents or commons sleeping place to rent for ones without their own tent. Food will be prepared on site with consciousness and will be sold at fair prices. Internet is provided with satellite conection, but don’t expect 24 h connection. El. energy is provided by solar panelsmwith limits to its use. Be aware that August nights in Lika are quiet cold even when summer days tend to have heat over 30 degrees.

The more careful ones might be worried of the black widows and horned vipers. Don’t worry, we wont invite them.


LIKA – Deringaj, nature, cca. 10 km from Gračac. Gračac is biggest city district in the Croatia, with smallest population count on square kilometre. It has beautiful and untouched nature, clean and fresh water springing all around.

Have a look at photos of the area:


MMKamp has all-summer flexible dates between 01st July to 01st September 2014.

Some of the more defined dates:

01th – 07th July – building up the camp, artist residency.

9th – 20th July – visit to Silba island for Culture Summer of Silba.

20th – 31st July – artist resindecy

05th – 10th August – eco building workshop

05th – 26th – artist residency

19th – 24th Aug – Hackaton/Future Environments un-conferences

19th – 24th Aug – Recycled Art Dome

26th to 31st August – de-constructing of the camp


More info on MMkamp WIKI:

MMKamp’13 – Zadar

Zadar was first city to visit with Mobile Art Dome – mobile multimedia social sculpture – a participatory and collaborative community meeting point. Event was natural MMKamp prolongation – residency event with strong flux of local community.


MAD was installed with help of local partner organization Zadar Snova in only 3 and something hours. Solar panel was installed for the electricity.

MAD is hosting local initiative for goods exchange – Uzmi ili ostavi, where stuff not used can be exchanged for something else – from clothes, bags, shoes to books, etc.

MAD hosted Free Travelling Radio program occasionally happening with experimental shows, astrology readings, open mic and non conventional music.


Different workshops were held at MAD – felt hand-craft, optimizing in social networking, etc. Also, interactive fiction strategy textual games were played in a group – a unique socially engaging program.

Evenings were occupied by yoga, Tibetan bowls sounds and DJmusic.



Free Travelling Radio participants created piece in Croatian named Fractal Consciousness. Using knowledge about fractals and text of 19th article of UN declaration on human Rights, mixed with fractal music, this piece is a true experimental work for radio.



Otvorenje umjetničkog projekta MOBILE ART DOME

Otvorenje umjetničkog projekta

na Multimedijalnom kampu 2013
21.08.2013., 15 h, Mursko Središće, turistički kompleks CIMPER

Pozivamo vas na otvorenje umjetničke multimedijalne instalacije, pokretnog laboratorija za nove medijske kulture i novog mjesta za okupljanje umjetnika zainteresiranih za suradničke i participativne prakse Mobile Art Dome. Specifični arhitektonski objekt geodezijske kupole koji je sagrađen tijekom MM kampa ’13 pretvoriti će se u multimedijalnu skulpturu sa raznolikim programom – od digitalne i video umjetnosti, preko radionica elektronike za djecu do mjesta za audio vizualne nastupe.



Radiona piknik
Radionice elektronskih naprava i audio prepariranih instrumenata za mlade u organizaciji Radione iz Zagreba.


Digitalna kamera obskura
Varaždinska udruga digitalnih umjetnosti (u osnivanju) – VUDU predstaviti će suradnički digitalni vizualni projekt.
Foto eksperiment koji spaja sam početak fotografije sa modernom tehnologijom. Sam proces dobivanja slike unutar camere obscure bit će popraćen live prijenosom putem web kamere koja će bilježiti svijetlosne obrise predmeta ispred objektiva. Samom manipulacijom raznih komponenata camere obcure te variranjem u dužini ekspozicije moguće je stvoriti izuzetno zanimljive i nadrealistične fotografije.

Led * Ice
Predstavljanje umjetničke instalacije autora Maje Kohek, Danijela Korenta i Krune Jošta koja je nastala za vrijeme rezidencijalnoj programa Slobodni festival u turističkom centru Cimper u organizaciji Autonomnog centra, Čakovec.


21. h –  NASTUPI

Gentlejunk co.
Nastup Krune Jošta je istraživanje u aleatoričkoj glazbi gdje, kroz suradnju sa različitim glazbenicima, koristi preparirane i reciklirane analogne instrumente čiji zvuk mijenja koristeći se uglavnom softverom otvorenog koda. Kruno Jošt svoje je specifični izričaj razvio u improvizacijskoj skupini Imrponedjeljci koja je dobila nagradu za najbolje elektronsko djelo 2007. godine. U suradnji sa različitim glazbenicima nastupao je u Švicarskoj, Brazilu, Italiji, Nizozemskoj, Sloveniji i Hrvatskoj. Zadnji nastup u suradnji s Bojanom Miljenčićem bio je u dvorani Zrinski zgrade Scheier u Čakovcu gdje je koristio meditativni zvuk Tibetanskih zvučnih zdjela.

Messy Oscilators
MMessy Oscillators je bend koji izvodi eksperimentalnu elektronsku glazbu. Nastao je kao ishod audio sekcije I’MM_-a i do danas je sudjelovao na nizu dobro primljenih umjetničkih festivala, kako u koncertnim dvoranama, tako i u zagrebačkim galerijama, svaki put u drugačijem sastavu zbog mnogobrojnosti članova. MMessy Oscillators uglavnom koristi DIY elektronske instrumente poput teremina, oscilatora, DIY sintesajzera i efekata, gitarskih pedala, piezoelektričnih senzora, sistemskih instrumenata, Touch-Tonea, rabljenih elektronskih instrumenata, circuit-bent igračaka, hakiranih gadgeta, kompjuterskog trasha i slično.

Luka Bunić & glazba by M. Presečki, M. Kereša, E. Čovran i T. Košić – projekt „15“
Naziv rada je ujedno i broj sati ljetnog solsticija, najdužeg dana u godini. Umjetnik želi ukazati na doživljaj jednog dana kao “života u malom”. Emotivno, duhovno i fizički. Snimljeni momenti privukli su ga svojom energijom i probudili emocije divljenja. Početak video rada je ujedno i jutro a simbolizira rođenje dok je kraj naš prirodni odlazak na počinak. Česta je izjava kako vrijeme “sporije” prolazi u mladosti da bi kasnije subjektivno ubrzalo. Spontanost, čuđenje i zahvalnost rezultiraju spektrom emocija na koje vrijeme kao da nema utjecaj. Rad je zamišljen i kao performans sa muzičarima a slavi opijenost životom i ljepotu trenutka.


Doktor podinski – Citizens Kino DOME SPECIAL
Ekspandirano (prošireno) kino doktora Podinkog specifičan je audio vizualni performans koji koristi elemente video umjetnosti, participativne demokracije i teatra potlačenih.

DJ Podinski – Balkan Beats
DJ Podinksi nakon građanskog kina nastavlja sa balkanskim ritmovima za mlade i brze noge.

Multimedijalni kamp i MOBILE ART DOME organizira Udruge Urbana kultura i edukacija (UKE). Projekt financira Ministarstvo kulture RH i Zaklada Kultura Nova.

MMKamp’s Geo-Dome will host Citizens Kino show daily!

Even Ray Kurzweil, the post-humanist preacher from the Singularity Church recently admitted that intelligence without a body makes no sense. But, currently the disembodied world of Big Data is pulling the earth out from under our feet and fueling total colonization of the mind/body. C-KINO #28 takes a retrospective  look at the days when Buckminster Fuller’s sustainable architecture and designs were geared for maintaining Spaceship Earth, not producing an escapist and vacuum-packed realm of Cyberpsace. Full bodily exploration and geodesic time-space is Not an outmoded, obsolete, game-over scenario; We may need to reclaim and defend the ‘old territories’ for any meaningful and inhabitable future.

From Monday 12th August MMkamp offers participation at daily Citizens Kino show.

CiTiZEN KiNO is a form of cinema hacking and Media Self-defense. With Dr. Podinski – XLterrestrial psychomedia analyst – and special guests. Now with a C-KINO Titan Pad for notes prior to the show, please feel free to jump aboard, say hello, and send us any links, material, films that might fit the theme.
Rest of the announcement read here>>


Geodesic dome workshop


Dates: 12.8. – 15.8.2013.

Place: Tourist complex Cimper, Mursko Središće, Croatia

Geodesic dome workshop will in 4 days give basic knowledge of its function, architecture and usage. Workshops are held in the tourist complex Cimper, in the city of Mursko Središće, North Croatia. Between 12th and 15th August expert builders will assemble and disassemble the dome structure together with participants. Learning process will include theoretical background of dome structures, presentations on its forefathers Buckminster Fuller and Walter Bauersfeld, open discussions connected to its utility, possible creative outcomes for its agricultural, social and cultural use, as well as usage for transdiscisplinary strategies in culture.

Idea of geo dome greenhouse is already well known in eco-circles. Many of us want to learn about its beneficial architecture, but except of you-tube videos and confusing web pages, there is no space to learn in hands-on practical way. The participants of the workshop will learn how to disassemble and assemble geo-dome made out of wood. Through this process they will learn its architectural structure, its mathematics and its ecological benefits as a structure for housing or greenhouse. Also, other usages will be presented – such as geo-dome multimedia projections space.

This workshop is part of joined activities during Free Festival and Multimedia camp in organization of Autonomous Centre ACT Čakovec, and Urban Culture and Education, Križevci.

Free Festival and MMkamp are events that are connecting usage of free technologies and FOSS, ecological and recycle attitudes, anti-consumerism and non-competition. Both embed collaborative practices and coexistence.

The participants don’t need any special knowledge about geo-dome construction. Anyone can do it. The number of participants is limited.

The workshop will take place in rural north Croatia, near the river Mura at the Slovenian-Croatian border, with space to work, electricity, shower and bathroom facilities, WIFI, sport facilities, conference room with air-condition, children area, etc. Nature surrounding the workspace offers contemplative and peaceful setting resembling a summer camp.

If you are intrigued and interested in our workshop please complete application form not later than 1.8.2013 (partially completed application will not be taken into account):


  • Package 1. room with air-conditioning and bathroom – 200 € per person

  • Package 2. camping – 150 € per person

  • Package 3. camping (group from 2 to 4 persons) – 100 € per person

  • Package 4. camping (group from 5 to 10 persons) – 70 € per person

Choose the package which suits you the most. Every pack includes besides accommodation also food, materials for the workshop, mentorship and a ticket for Spa & Sport Resort Sveti Martin. Please transfer 50€ prepayment on the bank account: HR9424020061100295914 no later than 05.08.2013.

Suggested time-line:

Monday 12.8.2013.

  • arrival of participants and visit of the tourist complex Cimper (home brewery – ‘Pilka’ beer and brandy distillery)

  • introduction of the participants and of the program

  • presentations, lectures and films about geodesic dome

 Tuesday 13.8.2013.

  • construction of the geodesic dome in theory

  • construction of the geodesic dome in practice – part 1

  • tournament in volleyball

Wednesday 14.8.2013.

  • construction of the geodesic dome in practice – part 2

  • evening in the Spa & Sport Resort in Sveti Martin

 Thursday 15.8.2013.

  • setting up the dome cover

  • brainstorming about potentials of the dome for various occasions

  • departure of the participants


How to get there:

By train
Train to Čakovec main station and contact Maja at +385 (0) 99 6556 731

By bus
Bus to Čakovec main station and contact Maja at +385 (0) 99 6556 731

By car
From Slovenia – Murska Sobota – Lendava, find SLO-CR border crossing Petišovci and when in HR you are in Mursko Središće, turn first crossroad left, soon cross railway tracks, after 500 meters turn right to Cimper tourist complex.

From Croatia – drive to Čakovec, from Čakovec take a road to Mursko Središće, keep on main road and last crossroad before border turn right. Keep driving across railway tracks and another 500 meters when you find Cimper road sign turn right.



View Larger Map



Delavnica gradnje geodezične kupole


12.8. – 15.8.2013


Turistični kompleks Cimper, Mursko Središče, Hrvaška

4-dnevna delavnica zagotavlja osvojitev osnovnih znanj funkcionalnosti, arhitekture in uporabnosti geodezične kupole. Delavnica se bo odvijala v turističnem kompleksu Cimper, v Murskem Središču na severu Hrvaške. Od 12. do 15. avgusta bodo udeleženci skupaj s strokovnjaki sestavili in razstavili kupolo. Proces učenja bo vključeval teoretične osnove konstrukcije kupole, predstavitve praočetov Buckminster Fullerja in Walterja Bauersfelda, odprte diskusije v povezavi z uporabnostjo ter možno kreativno uporabo v kmetijstvu, sociali in tudi kot orodje za transdisciplinarno delovanje na področju umetnosti.

Ideja o kupoli, ki služi kot rastlinjak je že dobro poznana v ekologiji. Mnogi izmed nas, ki bi želeli izvedeti še kaj več o njeni koristni arhitekturi toda razen videov na youtubu in zapletenih ter nejasnih spletnih strani, ni možnosti za praktično učenje. Udeleženci delavnice se bodo naučili sestaviti in razstaviti leseno kupolo. Skozi ta proces se bodo učili o njeni arhitekturni zasnovi, matematiki in njenih ekoloških prednostih bodisi kot bivalne konstrukcije, bodisi kot rastlinjaka. Prezentirane bodo tudi druge prednosti – kot prostor za multimedijske projekcije.

Delavnica je del aktivnosti Svobodnega festivala in Multimedijskega kampa v organizaciji Autonomnega centra ACT iz Čakovca in društva UKE – Urbana kultura in edukacija iz Križevcev.

Svobodni festival in MMkamp sta dogodka, ki združujeta odprte tehnologije in FOSS (Free and Open Source Software), ekologijo in reciklažo, anti-konzumerizem in nekompetitivnost. Oba spodbujata kolaborativne prakse in sobivanje.

Za udeležbo na delavnici ni potrebno nikaršno posebno predznanje o konstrukciji geodezijskih kupol. Vsak jo lahko naredi.

Delavnica se bo odvijala v ruralni severni Hrvaški, v bližini reke Mure na slovensko-hrvaški meji, s prostorom za delo, elektriko, sanitarijami, WI-FI, športno infrastrukturo, klimatizirano konferenčno sobo, otroškimi igrali, itd. Narava, ki obdaja delovni prostor je podobna poletnemu kampu, mirna in kontemplativna.

Če ste zainteresirani za delavnico nam najkasneje do 01.08.2013 pošljite v celoti izpolnjen prijavni obrazec (pomanjkljivo izpolnjene prijavnice ne bomo upoštevali):

Število udeležencev je omejeno.


  • Paket 1. klimatizirana soba s kopalnico – 200€ na osebo

  • Paket 2. kampiranje – 150€ na osebo

  • Paket 3. kampiranje (skupina od 2 do 4 oseb) – 100€ na osebo

  • Paket 4. kampiranje (skupina od 5 do 10 oseb) – 70€ na osebo

Izberite paket, ki vam najbolj odgovarja. Cena paketa vključuje namestitev, hrano, materiale za delavnico, mentorstvo in vstopnico za Spa & Sport Resort v Svetem Martinu.

Prosimo nakažite 50€ predplačila na bančni račun: HR9424020061100295914 najkasneje do 05.08.2013.


Ponedeljek 12.08.2013

  • prihod udeležencev in obhod turističnega kompleksa Cimper (domača pivovarna – ‘Pilka’ pivo in žganjarna)

  • predstavitev udeležencev in seznanitev s programom

  • prezentacije, predavanja in projekcije filmov o geodezični kupoli

Torek, 13.08.2013

  • konstrukcija kupole v teoriji

  • konstrukcija kupole v praksi – del 1

  • turnir v odbojki

Sreda, 14.08.2013

  • konstrukcija kupole v praksi – del 2

  • popoldan v Spa & Sport Resort Sveti Martin

Četrtek 15.08.2013

  • pokrivanje kupole

  • brenstorming o potencialih kupole za različne namene

  • odhod udeležencev

Kako do nas:

Z vlakom

Vlak do Čakovca in kontaktirajte Majo na +385 (0) 99 6556 731

Z avtobusom

Avtobus do Čakovca in kontaktirajte Majo na +385 (0) 99 6556 731

Z avtomobilom

Iz Slovenije: v smeri Murska Sobota – Lendava do SLO-HR mejnega prehoda v Petišovcih. V prvem križišču v Murskem Središču zavijte levo, prečkajte želeniško progo, po 500m zavijte desno k turističnemu kompleksu Cimper.

Iz Hrvaške: v smeri Čakovec, iz Čakovca nadaljujte pot do Murskega Središča. Držite se glavne ceste in na zadnjem križišču pred mejnim prehodom zavijte desno, prečkajte želeniško progo, po 500m zavijte desno k turističnemu kompleksu Cimper.


Radionica izrade geodezijske kupole


12.8. – 15.8.2013.


Turistički kompleks Cimper, Mursko Središće, Hrvatska

Radionica izrade geodezijske kupole u četiri će dana pružiti znanje o njezinoj svrsi, izgradnji i upotrebi. Radionice se održavaju u Turističkom kompleksu Cimper u Murskom Središću. Od 12. do 15. kolovoza stručni će graditelji sastaviti i rastavii kupolu zajedno sa sudionicima radionice. Proces učenja uključuje teorijski dio o prethodnom radnom iskustvu gradnje kupole, prezentacije njezinih praotaca Buckminstera Fullera and Waltera Bauersfelda, otvorenu diskusiju o njezinoj namjeni, mogućim kreativnim ishodima za poljoprivredne i kulturne svrhe, kao i korist u transdisciplinarnim kulturnim strategijama.

Ideja o kupoli kao geološkom staklenom vrtu je dobro poznata u eko krugovima. Mnogi od nas žele naučiti o njezinim graditeljskim dobrobitima, ali osim YouTube videa i zbunjujućih web stranica, nama puno načina za učenje na praktičan način. Sudionici radionice će rastaviti i sastaviti kupolu napravljenu od drveta. Kroz taj proces, naučit će njezinu graditeljsku strukturu, njezine matematičke i ekološke dobrobiti kao mjesta za stanovanje ili za stakleni vrt. Bit će predstavljene i druge namjene, kao na primjer kupola za multimedijske projekcije.

Ova radionica dijelom je udruženih aktivnosti Slobodnog festivala i Multimedijalnog kampa u organizaciji Autonomnog centra ACT Čakovec i Urbane Kulture i Edukacije, UKE Križevci.

Slobodni festival i MM kamp događaji su koji spajaju slobodne tehnologije i FOSS (softver otvorenog koda) te stavove o ekologiji i recikliranju, anti konzumerizmu i nekonkurentnosti, a oba obuhvaćaju suradničke prakse i suživot.

Sudionici ne trebaju nikakvo posebno znanje o gradnji kupole. Svi mogu sudjelovati, a broj sudionika je ograničen.

Radionice će se održati u ruralnom dijelu sjeverne Hrvatske, u blizini rijeke Mure na slovensko-hrvatskoj granici. Omogućen je radni prostor, struja, tuš/kupaona, WiFi, sportski tereni, klimatizirana soba za konferencije, dječje igralište itd. Okolna priroda pruža kontemplativno i mirno okruženje slično ljetnom kampu.

Ako ste zainteresirani za naše radionice, molimo Vas, ispunite prijavnicu najkasnije do 01.08.2013. (nepotpune prijavnice nećemo uzeti u obzir).


  • Paket 1. klimatizirana soba s kupaonicom – 200 € po osobi

  • Paket 2. kampiranje – 150 € po osob

  • Paket 3. kampiranje (grupa od 2 do 4 osoba – 100 € po osobi

  • Paket 4. kampiranje (grupa od 5 do 10 osoba) – 70 € po osobi

Odaberite paket koji Vam najbolje odgovara. Svi paketi, osim smještaja, uključuju hranu (puni pansion), pribor za radionice, mentorsvo na radionicama te kartu za Spa & Sport Resort Sveti Martin. Molimo Vas, uplatite predujam od 50€ na bankovni račun: HR9424020061100295914 najkasnije do 05.08.2013.

Preporučeni raspored:

Ponedjeljak, 12.8.2013.

  • dolazak sudionika i razgled turističkog kompleksa Cimper (tvornica piva “Pilka” i destilerija rakije)

  • upoznavanje s programom

  • prezentacije, predavanja i filmovi o geodezijskoj kupoli

Utorak, 13.8.2013.

  • teorijska gradnja geodezijske kupole

  • praktična gradnja geodezijske kupole – prvi dio

  • turnir u odbojci

Srijeda, 14.8.2013.

  • praktična gradnja geodezijske kupole – drugi dio

  • večer u Spa & Sport Resort Sveti Martin

Četvrtak, 15.8.2013.

  • pokrivanje kupole

  • brainstorming o potencijalima kupole za razne prigode

  • odlazak sudionika

Kako doći:


Vlak do Čakovca, glavna stanica i kontakt Maja na +385 (0) 99 6556 731

Autobus do Čakovca, glavna stanica i kontakt Maja at +385 (0) 99 6556 731

Iz Slovenije: Murska Sobota – Lendava, SLO-HR granični prijelaz Petišovci. Čim uđete u Hrvatsku, nalazite se u Murskom Središću. Na prvom skretanju lijevo, a zatim nastavite ravno preko željezničkog prijelaza i 500 metara kasnije skrenite desno prema Turističkom kompleksu Cimper.

Iz Hrvatske: Poslije Čakovca krenite prema Murskom Središću i držite se glavne ceste. Poslijednje skretanje prije graničnog prijelaza, skrenite desno. a zatim nastavite ravno preko željezničkog prijelaza i 500 metara kasnije skrenite desno prema Turističkom kompleksu Cimper.


Guerrilla art interventions at MMKMap’12

Free Traveling Radio and MMKamp merged again in combining culture jamming with guerrilla art intervention, video art projection and pirate radio transmission. MMKamp hosted Slovenian and Croatia crew in Sv. Martin na Muri where they exchanged ideas and plans for guerrilla art interventions. Ideas that were executed were:


Moss graffiti is ecological art interevention with activist attitude. Moss was collected in the woods, washed and and mixed with plantajoy (originall addition to moss graffiti), beer or milk and sugar for it’s grwth and watter spply. The  applied to walls in city of Čakovec. We will update on how they grow!


The idea was to get a bit of culture-jamming into small city consuming-culture. After brainstorming a set of stickers was printed containing a range of messages. Stickers later found their way to bank machines.



To set up guerrilla drive-in you need a van, radio transmitter, projector, inverter (1000 W), couple of laptops and sound mixer.

A free frequency is found and radio transmission is set. Two musicians mix sounds live accompanying already edited video. Sound is transmitted on free frequency. Similar to drive-in-cinemas people can park their cars and tune in.


Projections were made during Jailhouse Festival in Lepoglava, Špancir fest in Varaždin projecting on facade of student dormitories building, and on the parking lot in Čakovec.

GADI @ MMKamp’12

Guerrilla Art Drive-in (GADI) je suradnički umjetnički multimedijalni projekt slovenskih i hrvatskih umjetnika. Radi se o multimedijalnim izvedbama u javnom prostoru, koji u sebi spajaju elemente gerila umjetnosti, eksperimentalne glazbe te umjetničkih filmova, a koristi uglavnom “Uradi sam” metode.

Guerrilla Art Drive-in projekt dio je MOBMOV CRO, prvog oficijelnog autokina koje se sastoji od:
jednog kombija;
jednog projektora;
jedne glazbene skupine;
jednog radijskoga odašiljača.

Radi na ovom principu: kombi iz kojega se projecira film je pokretan ili parkiran na mjestu gdje postoji mogućnost da se parkiraju i auti posjetitelja. Film pratite, kao i u američkim drive-in theater, iz vlastitog automobila. Glazbu izvode glazbenici u kombiju, te se putem radio odašiljača direktno prenosi na vaš auto radio, mobilni telefon sa radio prijemnikom, ili radio prijemnik. Stanica, tj. frekvencija koju trebate izabrati objavljena je netom prije projekcije.


Pozivamo vas u petak 31.8.’12. u 21 h u Čakovcu, gradsko parkiralište pored Trga Republike

U subotu 01.09.’12. u 21 h u Lepoglavu, Dom kulture


i 23 h u Varaždinu, parking studentskog doma.



Guerrilla Art Drive-In (GADI) is a collaborative multimedia project between Slovenian and Croatian artists. It is a multimedia performance done in a public space that combines elements of guerrilla art, experimental music and movies using “Do It Yourself” method.

Guerrilla Art Drive-In project is part of MOBMOV CRO, the first official drive-in cinema consisting of:
one van;
one projector;
a music group;
a radio transmitter.

It works like this: the van from which the film is projected is mobile or parked in a place where it is possible for visitors to park their cars. The audience watches the film as in the American drive-in theatres, from their own car. The music is performed by musicians in the van and the radio transmitter directs it to your car radio, a mobile phone with a radio receiver, or a radio receiver. The frequency you need to tune into is given just before the screening.