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MMK – transdisciplinary camp with AiR

with occasional posts from its offspring Free Traveling Radio

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Archive for the 'photo' Category

Watter finding and digging at MMK15

Posted by admin on 8th August 2015

After Future Environments un-conference MMK15 is taking on the works that are leading to newly established Eco-Art colony.

In spite of watter dowsing skeptics our well was confirmed by three different dowsers without their priory knowledge of each other findings.

After 47 meters drilling mostly trough stone.

water was found. Well was dug to 55 meters so we have around 4000 liters in dry season to pump out at once. This is sufficient even with a big garden and dome green house water needs.

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MMK15 as a host

Posted by admin on 8th August 2015

MMK15 Future environments un-conference hosted many people.

Our popularly called Medo bar (Bear bar) has hosted many different guests.

Artist from nearby painting colony.

Freedom practitioners from around the world.

Travelers in their sustainable solar powered houses on wheels.

And bicycle tourists, as well as many local inhabitants, neighbors and tourists from around the world that were interested in our way of living and plans for Eco Art Camp.

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Future risks and why to think “environment”

Posted by admin on 3rd August 2015

The Commons Transition Platform is a database of practical experiences and policy proposals aimed toward achieving a more humane and environmentally grounded mode of societal organization.

Fact Box at Toward regenerative society: plan for rapid transition shows some of the most problematic areas we should be concerned about.

MMK15 works closely with local community and government to raise awareness about this issues every chance it gets. Promoting clean energy and alternative energy sources is our goal. That is why we welcome electric cars at MMK and help every chance to show them locally and nationally.

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Dozic and Jost experiment with 16 C

Posted by admin on 31st July 2015

latioSound art has always been part of the MMK. This edition we were happy to host 16 Channels, interactive sound installation and multichannel sound instrument.

16 C was played by TinDožić and Kruno Jošt on 29th July in the space of Culture Center Lovinac and was a high light of MMK15.

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Kids @ MMK15

Posted by admin on 26th July 2015

Kids are having a blast at MMK15 with geodesic dome playground created by Irena Lozana from Macedonia. She also created xylophone recycling bootless.

Geo dome had spider web that kids were playing around.

Kids loved organic toys workshop where tools of their favourite characters were created out of recycled wood.


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MMK15 kitchen is open

Posted by admin on 25th July 2015

MMK15 kitchen is a great place to refresh a day with coffe or home made tea sweetened with dandelion honey. Beside refreshments thre are breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Kitchen is offering range organic food that can be found locally.  Specialities are sandwich with ghee, goat cheese and sprouts and vege tortillas. We proudly offer them on our DIY plates recycled from tinny house building wood waist.

Small shop is offering bio and organic products, home made juice form menta and small camping accessories.

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MMK15 in full swing

Posted by admin on 24th July 2015

People gather from all around to present, talk and meet. Irena from Holland is relaxing with locals during drawing sessions.

Local municipality donated compost cans that girls are having fun assembling.

Children playground is in the geo-dome and kids are enjoying.


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MMK15 guests

Posted by admin on 21st July 2015

The guests are starting to arrive for Future Environments (un)conference 23rd to 29th.

We are expecting more guests during the week from Slovenia, Osijek Art Academy, Zagreb Art Academy, Berlin and London.

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MMK15 Road

Posted by admin on 20th July 2015

Road to MMK15 site is finished on Saturday 18th July. Few more days of preparation before campers start arriving. but now we have secured a nice and drivable road to the site.

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Building @ MMK15

Posted by admin on 13th July 2015

For the Tiny House we decided to use a truck wheels as it allows us to carry more weight. As the size of the house is 9 by 3 meters we opted for solid and good support next to the wheels when the house is not moving.

House is all made with wood that is only treated against worms. It will be insulated with non washed, borax treated sheep wool that will be fitted in-between the construction.

During the 23rd to 29th of july when artists are visiting, unfinished side of the house will be used as the projection screen.


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Camping site for MMK15 is finished

Posted by admin on 12th July 2015

Camping area located across the kitchen and TH workshop is finished with space for at least 20 tents.

Grass is trimmed under small oak trees that make shade all day long in July’s 34 degrees.

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Tiny house prep work

Posted by admin on 3rd July 2015

For Tiny House workshop we had to strip down old truck and take its chassis to the spot.

Extra material was brought

and supporting foundations were build both for TH and a kitchen.

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MMK15 prep

Posted by admin on 28th June 2015

MMK in Lovinac is in preparation works. We are preparing roads

reclaiming land


even we liked our permacultural garden

we have to prepare for tents, geo domes and tiny houses

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Posted by admin on 27th August 2014

MMK14 was a great experience, place where many new friends and ideas organized.

It was learning and self-lerning process with many challenges.

It was also a place of many natural beauties that came in all forms, harsh and subtle.





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Open Hardware Run Autonomous Energy System

Posted by admin on 25th August 2014

Antonios Galanopoulos presented open hardware, DIY system for energy autonomy he is developing. It is open hardware beagle-box with a bit of code and lots of DIY ingenuity that is running a 12 volts system stationed in the 1 € box.

Antonious runs it on his London based boat that harvests the solar energy and calculates outside and water temperature to inside temperature and runs generator if the consumptions is bigger than input. His system inspired us to think about DIY control of the Centre for Creative Solutions.

After living MMK on Sunday 5 o’clock morning he was driving for 17 hours straight in his little van to reach Greece border. He was one of the longest MMK14 participants on AiR program with smallest trash footprint at his quarters.




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