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MMKamp ’10 report

MMKamp ’10 hosted Ralf Schreiber with workshop on wind and sun powered instruments. Workshop was focused partially on recycled plastic botlles that were used as wind mills that were introduced as a way to power machines.

This is short video showing a concept with 4 bottles on fixed pivot (pivot moves together with the propellers, for the difference where propellers move and pivot is static).

Windmill from recycled plastic bottles from GentleJunk on Vimeo.

Children joined workshop at some point being absorbed by the wind:

Ralf created more types of electronic interactive sound creations together with Maja Kalogera:

4 bottle wind mill found its way to a bussy tourist street in front of the gallery in Korcula:

where people passing by were intrigued into how it works:

Time Inventor Kabinet crew worked on wind clocks, and tested them:

MMKamp’10 as fringe activity to TIK event

first TIK windclock for calculating windtimes (from TIK WIKI)

This years MMKamp will serve as a fringe activity to one EU funded project TIK, or better its yearly meeting on Korčula island in Croatia. TIK (Time inventors Kabinet) will host people from Belgium, Czech, Slovakia and Austria and MMKamp from Germany and Croatia. This international crew will from 24th of September to 01st of October work with joined efforts to build up wind-clocks, unique time measurement devices, and work on how can wind power small electronic musical devices. Besides workshops an event will create music nights filled with experimental and electronic sounds.

Names of the participants are:  Marcio Domingues, Gert Aertsen, Annemie Maes, Guy Van Belle, Isjtar, Michal Kindernay, Barbara Huber, Michal Palenik, Maja Kalogera, Sonja Fureš, Ralf Schreiber and Kruno Jošt.