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Reni Hofmuller field recording

Same as last year, MMKamp’11 was done in collaboration with TIK project, but this time in small city of Marija Bistrica, surrounded by  north Croatian small hills. MMKamp/TIK had two parts: workshop focusing on “sound-walk” and Eco Time Conference questioning relations between time, ecology and new media arts held between 16th and 21st May, 2011.

Sound walk workshop was held by Jonathan Prior from Edinburgh. His work on ecology of sound together with sound walks (http://12gatestothecity.com/) were presented, and ear cleaning exercise conducted.

Jonathan Prior leading sound walk workshop

Ear cleaning exercise helped students to understand the complexity of sounds around us and recognizing sounds that we usually filter out. This was useful in Oršic castle museum where sound walk recording took place.

Matija Gubec, the peasant king, sculpture near museum

Museum’s focus was on peasant upraising till ’90s in 20th century. Since, it’s orientation has shifted towards landlords living style and Croatian national uprising and its cultural phenomenon. Change of focus from symbols of socialist times  to pancapitalism was interesting starting point for sound research.

Peasant upraising depicted

Recording varied from narrative parts to abstract sounds, sometimes edited in song patterns, with hollow and surrealist touch. End peace was recorded, conceptualized and edited by: Ana Vuždarić, Reni Hofmuller, Barbara Huber, Mimoza Vuthaj, Sonja Fureš, Michal Curdny, Martina Kederova, Jonathan Prior and Kruno Jošt.

Barbara Huber recording sounds of wind around the sculpture

Method, or strategy, was devised to join individual audio pieces in group work. Sounds were mapped on castle, and small groups were choosing their favourite spot. Sound cloud was created and each group had to form their experiance with thir own, but also recordings done by others.

Sound mapping

Draft was edited by Kruno Jost and Jonathan Prior and finalized edit done by Reni Hofmuller. Enjoy sound piece, and have a look at photolog >>

Also find blog entry from Jonathna Prior here >>