MMKamp’s Geo-Dome will host Citizens Kino show daily!

Even Ray Kurzweil, the post-humanist preacher from the Singularity Church recently admitted that intelligence without a body makes no sense. But, currently the disembodied world of Big Data is pulling the earth out from under our feet and fueling total colonization of the mind/body. C-KINO #28 takes a retrospective  look at the days when Buckminster Fuller’s sustainable architecture and designs were geared for maintaining Spaceship Earth, not producing an escapist and vacuum-packed realm of Cyberpsace. Full bodily exploration and geodesic time-space is Not an outmoded, obsolete, game-over scenario; We may need to reclaim and defend the ‘old territories’ for any meaningful and inhabitable future.

From Monday 12th August MMkamp offers participation at daily Citizens Kino show.

CiTiZEN KiNO is a form of cinema hacking and Media Self-defense. With Dr. Podinski – XLterrestrial psychomedia analyst – and special guests. Now with a C-KINO Titan Pad for notes prior to the show, please feel free to jump aboard, say hello, and send us any links, material, films that might fit the theme.
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