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MMKamp’13 – Zadar

Zadar was first city to visit with Mobile Art Dome – mobile multimedia social sculpture – a participatory and collaborative community meeting point. Event was natural MMKamp prolongation – residency event with strong flux of local community.


MAD was installed with help of local partner organization Zadar Snova in only 3 and something hours. Solar panel was installed for the electricity.

MAD is hosting local initiative for goods exchange – Uzmi ili ostavi, where stuff not used can be exchanged for something else – from clothes, bags, shoes to books, etc.

MAD hosted Free Travelling Radio program occasionally happening with experimental shows, astrology readings, open mic and non conventional music.


Different workshops were held at MAD – felt hand-craft, optimizing in social networking, etc. Also, interactive fiction strategy textual games were played in a group – a unique socially engaging program.

Evenings were occupied by yoga, Tibetan bowls sounds and DJmusic.



Free Travelling Radio participants created piece in Croatian named Fractal Consciousness. Using knowledge about fractals and text of 19th article of UN declaration on human Rights, mixed with fractal music, this piece is a true experimental work for radio.



FTR at KIBLIX festival Maribor

FTR as a part of KIBLIX festival 2011 stayed in Maribor on 98.4 for 6 days and was broadcasting varayaty of shows, music, field recordings, glitches and beeps, microphone collages and interviews.


After introductory discussion and presentations of Patrick Mc Ginely and Udo Nolls work on Aporee and Framework radio and meeting with radio MARŠ (Student Maribor radio – closest thing to free radio in the city) a workshop on setting up the radio was given.

Antenna was set up on the highest reachable point at Narodni dom where organization KIBLA is situated. Luckily the cable reached our studio in the back .

Studio hosted viraety of the radio shows including reading of poetry and DJing, and discussion Radio About Radio

“Studpid techno show” with friends from Bike Kitchen.

Patric Mc Ginely introduction of field recording, sound art and workshop methods to Workshopology symposium participants.


Reni Hofmuller field recording

Same as last year, MMKamp’11 was done in collaboration with TIK project, but this time in small city of Marija Bistrica, surrounded by  north Croatian small hills. MMKamp/TIK had two parts: workshop focusing on “sound-walk” and Eco Time Conference questioning relations between time, ecology and new media arts held between 16th and 21st May, 2011.

Sound walk workshop was held by Jonathan Prior from Edinburgh. His work on ecology of sound together with sound walks ( were presented, and ear cleaning exercise conducted.

Jonathan Prior leading sound walk workshop

Ear cleaning exercise helped students to understand the complexity of sounds around us and recognizing sounds that we usually filter out. This was useful in Oršic castle museum where sound walk recording took place.

Matija Gubec, the peasant king, sculpture near museum

Museum’s focus was on peasant upraising till ’90s in 20th century. Since, it’s orientation has shifted towards landlords living style and Croatian national uprising and its cultural phenomenon. Change of focus from symbols of socialist times  to pancapitalism was interesting starting point for sound research.

Peasant upraising depicted

Recording varied from narrative parts to abstract sounds, sometimes edited in song patterns, with hollow and surrealist touch. End peace was recorded, conceptualized and edited by: Ana Vuždarić, Reni Hofmuller, Barbara Huber, Mimoza Vuthaj, Sonja Fureš, Michal Curdny, Martina Kederova, Jonathan Prior and Kruno Jošt.

Barbara Huber recording sounds of wind around the sculpture

Method, or strategy, was devised to join individual audio pieces in group work. Sounds were mapped on castle, and small groups were choosing their favourite spot. Sound cloud was created and each group had to form their experiance with thir own, but also recordings done by others.

Sound mapping

Draft was edited by Kruno Jost and Jonathan Prior and finalized edit done by Reni Hofmuller. Enjoy sound piece, and have a look at photolog >>

Also find blog entry from Jonathna Prior here >>

TIK Radiodays at Progressbar, Bratislava

Hand made small radio transmitter with player

FTR was in Bratislava from 7th to 10th February 2011 as a part of TIK project, more precisely TIK Radidays. This is first in the series of workshops and productions of TIK Radiodays that was held in Progressbar, newly opening hack-lab in the middle of Bratislava. Participants came from Poland, Hungary, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Croatia.


Participants of workshops

Participants of workshops

Ushi Reiter from gave micro transmitter soldering workshop. This transmitters were latter on used as tools to send signal to various receivers and as sound making instruments.

Ushi Reiter workshop

FTR had two installations, one in nearby park, where it dint work satisfactory, and as it was to cold to troubleshoot, it was taken back to Progressbar where it was put to work. Again, “open microphone” was practised and people interviewed, as well as sound experiments and DJing.


Sound installation making sounds out of electricity from potatoes

FTR @ Clubture Forum

Free Traveling Radio was hosted by Clubture Forum in Autonomous Cultural Center Medika in Zagreb. During four days of forum and festival activities we have had almost 24/7 radio going on with open microphone, DJ sets, recorded talks and a special show about sounds and music from famous Pokemon Pikachu.

Microphone was changing hands and peoples view on: politics, economy, student issues, festival events, squatted building of Medika and many other.

Short video shows atmosphere around the radio:

Podcast files from the Medika broadcast:

Towards EU Free Media Policies

round table: towards EU free media policiesRound table under name ‘Towards EU Free Media Policies’ was held in Croatian Journalists Society on 9th January 2008.

Helmut Peissl, Alex Robin and Vincent Delpech (Community Media Forum Europe) were here to talk about non profit radio praxis in EU. round table was organized by NGO ‘Nemesis’.

2 hours audio (english) was captured during this round table.

Audio file can be downloaded it in ogg and mp3 here >>

Zadar sounds

Sea organs schemeWe have captured interesting sounds of Zadar to give u a sound representations where we have been working for last week.
Sounds include street recordings and famous Sea Organ constructed in Zadars harbor in 2005.

Recording from Patty Diphusa, Confessions of a porn star

Patty DiphusaPatty Diphusa, Confessions of a Porn Star is cabaret created from series of stories written by Pedro Almodóvar which were in sequels published in Madrid’s magazine La Luna, in (during) the eighties. Those stories are from the edge of urban life, rude stories which glorifies everything (all) human: sex, pleasure, violence, love, romantic, wishes. Patty is a girl from dreams, full of life, who never sleeps, projection of spectator’s desires, writer’s alter-ego.

4th day of the festival Zadar snova

panorama of Providuras where 10th August show took place

Lada Petrovski

On August 10th a contemporary dance performance ‘Sjedi 1’ (Sit down 1 – a term used in school when pupil doesn’t satisfy teachers question) was held in Providurs palace in the middle of Zadar. We bring you audio from the show and an interview with dancer Lada Petrovski.

‘When good is not good enough… The effort of perfectionist women is often not recognized enough… Love isn’t beloved enough… Saying only ‘I feel dizzy’ isn’t enough….
Educators are not in a bad enough situation…. When body is never slim enough…
American report says that Bosnia and Herzegovina still isn’t enough… Being on the title page is not enough… Croatian government has not sufficiently

Domagoj Mišković

supported projects…School has not sufficiently tutored the young on what that is…. Not cooked enough… No matter how hard he tried for her it was not enough…. Supporting our team is barely enough, isn’t it? … He is not smart enough to comprehend… Sometimes perfection is simply not enough… Altering only ours isn’t enough… Saying no, is not enough… Praying and waiting is not enough… Being aware is also not enough… Being natural is not good enough for the stage… In this collage we once again dig through that old dilemma about what is enough or is not enough for interacting with an audience and what old patterns we keep slipping upon while presenting ourselves / performers / authors to others. Concept of a solo act seemed perfect for this research. Vulnerability in disclosing of a performer as a common person, normal and with all his flaws certainly provides taste to a dish like this. It also reveals that ‘not enough’ is merely something our mind has created along with expectations that we bring into any play of life. We shall test our boundaries of –being not enough–, as we hope we may simply –be-‘ (Text from

For listening to an interview visit