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Bio Lab @ MMK14

Brian Degger from UK was working with Kristian Tkalec from Ljubljana’s Biotehna on developing a luminescent bacteria.

For this a food for bacteria had to be cooked, where fish proved to be the best solution.

Bacteria was grown in petri dishes by workshop participants.

Listening to Nature

Tin Dožić and Kruno Jošt conducted a field recording workshop. It took participants to nature and explained the basics of sound recordings and of field recording history.

Workshop had a listening part where participants focused on the sounds around them and were repeating them to get in contact between listening and producing the sound.

A walk was taken where each participant was focusing on the changes of the environment around them only by listening sounds

DIY underwater microphone was also used to listen to the water streams and springs.

Water Quality at MMK14

A group lead by Kristian Tkalec and Brian Degger visited MMK14 spring to check for drinking water quality. This spring is used by al near villages for drinking water.

Research conducted by participants of the workshop showed that water had quite a bit of minerals and was low in NO2.

Besides three springs that were checked also nearby river Otuča gave excellent results in low Nitrogen.

Another inverter down

After only a week another inverter went down for no reason – there was no shorts and no overload. Fuses are blown every time it is connected.

Third one we got from Antonious is a 12 volts one, so we had to rearrange batteries and make it parallel 12 watts from 24 series system.


Abundance of MMK14 workshops

After the AiR programs MMK14 is coming to the stage when most events take place trough joint events: Hackatron, RAD, MAD, Nameless Symposium and Future Environments un-conference.

Camp is growing with colourful tents.

Guests are coming from Slovenia, Austria, Greece, Croatia and UK.

After un-conference style collective time line building

Antonious lead workshop on edible wide greens

where part of the food for a DIY VEGY GRILL workshop was collected.

Astronomers were having workshops on stars and constellations, sun and moon was observed.

There was joggling workshops,

wood workshop

and more techy, encryption and TOR workshops

After the workshops crew has spread around. We took a road up to the hills, and barely made it trough ruff terrain to the point of beautiful view.









MMK14 sign workshop

After finding local wood mill we asked for any old and discarded wood. We brought it to camp, cut it and arranged it to be used for signs.

White paint and spray was chosen in spite of the toxicity.

Signs are used for marking compost are, toilets, fresh water spring, etc…

For enthusiasts this can be form of land art too.

Tying down the dome

Due to heavy winds last 2 days we had to find a good way to secure geo dome’s cover. Wind is lifting the cover, coming under the tent. Heavy wind blows are breaking strings holding the tent cover to wooden poles.

We found out that best thing to do is tie down the dome with two crossing ropes.


Recycle Art Dome at MMK14

RAD is project that considers recycling/upcycling in all possible ways. It recycles old plastic bottles for hanging gardens, parts of old computer sets for plants containers, old wood for constructing toilet sits and so on. At MMKamp we constructed a modular chair and table from leftovers found in the city.

First we had to construct a seat,

but thinking modular, so the chair can also be used as table.




How to-s and why not-s at MMK14

To erect your tent:

First find dry straw, if not dry let it dry on the sun and collect before humid evening.

Second, spread the straw on the ground, keeping you warm and comfortable at nigh with your tent sitting at the top.

Bring your glass bottles or other containers to get fresh water from the springs.

Also don’t forget your head sets or flesh lights that can be charged or ones with hand crank generator.

Take your cutting/sawing tools

and other tools, rope and knife as well.

Weather is changing so be prepared, take your sun and rain accessories.


Erecting Geo dome at MMK14

Mobile Art Dome is a project that brought geodesic dome to MMK14, working with participants and local enthusiasts to build a space for meetings, workshops, dialogue, research and presentations.

Local youth was proud they can participate in building, for them, strange architectural building.

Geo dome is equipped with 2 250 W panels and satellite dish and 1000 W inverter. Fully functional waiting for arrival of participants.


Ethicality cooking

With arrival of Roland Alton to MMK4 of daily activities are critically observed from the perspective of scarcity, abundance, ethicality and sustainability. Eating, driving and energy habits are discussed and sustainable alternatives proposed. Food production and distribution was one of the topics.

Mushroom hunt led by our host Dane was successful and went in accordance with our discussions. Not all of the musrooms are eaten the first day so we experiment with mushroom chips and drying mushrooms.

Our grill looks something like this:

Water and MMK14

During rain cycles of recent days lots of thought was put to water politics, local resources and freedom of energy. H2O is being discussed as one of the most potential energy sources with infinite energy theory and Black Light Inc hydruino. Until commercial product that can deliver 3, 4, or 10 times more energy from water, we are stuck to DIY applications harnessing water power.

In the MMK14 area there is more than 30 fresh water springs ranging from small stream  ones to full blast ones.

Closest one to MMK location is underground water spring arranged by local villagers for their consumption. A place looks magical with willow tree next to it.

Heavy rains can influence small streams that are running criss cross the area.  Large lakes can form at places where medows were.

Ričice lake is stable one that provides water for Zadar kilometres away with modern aqueduct. Its untouched nature captures the eye.

Untill infinite energy technology arrives, this area can be populated with pico and micro hydro electricity production. Part of the MMKamp and Future Environments unconference will be dedicated to this ideas.

Rains causing delay in preparation

Idleness caused by the heavy rains obstructed our plans to erect geo-dome tent prepared for the lab, so we erected a temporary bio lab that was devastated by the wind and rain. Most of the equipment suffered from the humidity.

The terrain was under water, so infrastructure building was also stopped.

We required new equipment, rubber boots, and spent our days surviving in the driest area.

One of the older locals commented that rains of this proportion are not remembered. A river, he says, that is supposed to be dry in this time of the year, is bigger than it usually is in the November, the rain season.Our transport was stuck in the mud too.

Rains caused electricity shortages in the city, even train station computer was destroyed by the lighting shock. Our inverter from solar battery 12 to 220 volts, 1000 Watts, was, funny enough, not short circuited by the humidity, but by (!) ants. They found it so interesting that hordes of them went in. When we noticed, it was too late.

With the first sun, all equipment was taken out to dry.

Also our clothing needed drying too. Weather prognosis confirm sunny times till the end of the month. We have to catch up with plans.



MMKamp’13 – Zadar

Zadar was first city to visit with Mobile Art Dome – mobile multimedia social sculpture – a participatory and collaborative community meeting point. Event was natural MMKamp prolongation – residency event with strong flux of local community.


MAD was installed with help of local partner organization Zadar Snova in only 3 and something hours. Solar panel was installed for the electricity.

MAD is hosting local initiative for goods exchange – Uzmi ili ostavi, where stuff not used can be exchanged for something else – from clothes, bags, shoes to books, etc.

MAD hosted Free Travelling Radio program occasionally happening with experimental shows, astrology readings, open mic and non conventional music.


Different workshops were held at MAD – felt hand-craft, optimizing in social networking, etc. Also, interactive fiction strategy textual games were played in a group – a unique socially engaging program.

Evenings were occupied by yoga, Tibetan bowls sounds and DJmusic.



Free Travelling Radio participants created piece in Croatian named Fractal Consciousness. Using knowledge about fractals and text of 19th article of UN declaration on human Rights, mixed with fractal music, this piece is a true experimental work for radio.



Otvorenje umjetničkog projekta MOBILE ART DOME

Otvorenje umjetničkog projekta

na Multimedijalnom kampu 2013
21.08.2013., 15 h, Mursko Središće, turistički kompleks CIMPER

Pozivamo vas na otvorenje umjetničke multimedijalne instalacije, pokretnog laboratorija za nove medijske kulture i novog mjesta za okupljanje umjetnika zainteresiranih za suradničke i participativne prakse Mobile Art Dome. Specifični arhitektonski objekt geodezijske kupole koji je sagrađen tijekom MM kampa ’13 pretvoriti će se u multimedijalnu skulpturu sa raznolikim programom – od digitalne i video umjetnosti, preko radionica elektronike za djecu do mjesta za audio vizualne nastupe.



Radiona piknik
Radionice elektronskih naprava i audio prepariranih instrumenata za mlade u organizaciji Radione iz Zagreba.


Digitalna kamera obskura
Varaždinska udruga digitalnih umjetnosti (u osnivanju) – VUDU predstaviti će suradnički digitalni vizualni projekt.
Foto eksperiment koji spaja sam početak fotografije sa modernom tehnologijom. Sam proces dobivanja slike unutar camere obscure bit će popraćen live prijenosom putem web kamere koja će bilježiti svijetlosne obrise predmeta ispred objektiva. Samom manipulacijom raznih komponenata camere obcure te variranjem u dužini ekspozicije moguće je stvoriti izuzetno zanimljive i nadrealistične fotografije.

Led * Ice
Predstavljanje umjetničke instalacije autora Maje Kohek, Danijela Korenta i Krune Jošta koja je nastala za vrijeme rezidencijalnoj programa Slobodni festival u turističkom centru Cimper u organizaciji Autonomnog centra, Čakovec.


21. h –  NASTUPI

Gentlejunk co.
Nastup Krune Jošta je istraživanje u aleatoričkoj glazbi gdje, kroz suradnju sa različitim glazbenicima, koristi preparirane i reciklirane analogne instrumente čiji zvuk mijenja koristeći se uglavnom softverom otvorenog koda. Kruno Jošt svoje je specifični izričaj razvio u improvizacijskoj skupini Imrponedjeljci koja je dobila nagradu za najbolje elektronsko djelo 2007. godine. U suradnji sa različitim glazbenicima nastupao je u Švicarskoj, Brazilu, Italiji, Nizozemskoj, Sloveniji i Hrvatskoj. Zadnji nastup u suradnji s Bojanom Miljenčićem bio je u dvorani Zrinski zgrade Scheier u Čakovcu gdje je koristio meditativni zvuk Tibetanskih zvučnih zdjela.

Messy Oscilators
MMessy Oscillators je bend koji izvodi eksperimentalnu elektronsku glazbu. Nastao je kao ishod audio sekcije I’MM_-a i do danas je sudjelovao na nizu dobro primljenih umjetničkih festivala, kako u koncertnim dvoranama, tako i u zagrebačkim galerijama, svaki put u drugačijem sastavu zbog mnogobrojnosti članova. MMessy Oscillators uglavnom koristi DIY elektronske instrumente poput teremina, oscilatora, DIY sintesajzera i efekata, gitarskih pedala, piezoelektričnih senzora, sistemskih instrumenata, Touch-Tonea, rabljenih elektronskih instrumenata, circuit-bent igračaka, hakiranih gadgeta, kompjuterskog trasha i slično.

Luka Bunić & glazba by M. Presečki, M. Kereša, E. Čovran i T. Košić – projekt „15“
Naziv rada je ujedno i broj sati ljetnog solsticija, najdužeg dana u godini. Umjetnik želi ukazati na doživljaj jednog dana kao “života u malom”. Emotivno, duhovno i fizički. Snimljeni momenti privukli su ga svojom energijom i probudili emocije divljenja. Početak video rada je ujedno i jutro a simbolizira rođenje dok je kraj naš prirodni odlazak na počinak. Česta je izjava kako vrijeme “sporije” prolazi u mladosti da bi kasnije subjektivno ubrzalo. Spontanost, čuđenje i zahvalnost rezultiraju spektrom emocija na koje vrijeme kao da nema utjecaj. Rad je zamišljen i kao performans sa muzičarima a slavi opijenost životom i ljepotu trenutka.


Doktor podinski – Citizens Kino DOME SPECIAL
Ekspandirano (prošireno) kino doktora Podinkog specifičan je audio vizualni performans koji koristi elemente video umjetnosti, participativne demokracije i teatra potlačenih.

DJ Podinski – Balkan Beats
DJ Podinksi nakon građanskog kina nastavlja sa balkanskim ritmovima za mlade i brze noge.

Multimedijalni kamp i MOBILE ART DOME organizira Udruge Urbana kultura i edukacija (UKE). Projekt financira Ministarstvo kulture RH i Zaklada Kultura Nova.