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Tabor Film festival FREE RADIO

Traveling radio took a big hunk of work and went to support Tabor Film festival ’07 in Gornja Stubica at castel Oršić.

A peasant uprising in 16th century that was lead by peasant general Matija Gubec is depicted in exhibition in Oršić castle museum. In socialist system he was a figure symbolizing revolt to ruling class so government financed making a huge statue depicting his hand rising towards sky, standing in rags. Behind him there are scenes from peasant uprising battles. Uprising was eventually brought to the end by joined army of different rulers in the area.


Film festival showed to be a hard case for setting up Free radio as everyone is concentrated on consuming movies. It is hard to involve people in whole process of setting up the radio and working on it. Some technical difficulties didn’t help also (15 watt booster died, and transmitter didn’t want to work for first 2 hours). Eventually transmitter worked out and we had ‘castle radio’ that was joined by kids excursion from Montenegro and some of the festival stuff.


Free radio became truly a part of the festival when technicians made a mistake during start of the evening projections. People were sitting in front of the screen and movie starts but instead of the sound of the movie a sound of free radio bursts over big speakers. One sentence over microphone: ”This is free radio” and technician got the mistake. Worth while intervention from radio to film.


Many thanks to Benjamin from south Africa that helped with antenna and to organizers Gabriela, Anja, Nenad and Lukša for having a radio at the festival and to Sky for borrowing nice mixer.

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