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MMK – transdisciplinary camp with AiR

with occasional posts from its offspring Free Traveling Radio

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Archive for August, 2007

Free Traveling Radio @ ‘Nepokoreni grad’ festival

Posted by admin on 30th August 2007

youth center Domaći in KarlovacAnna and tatiana circuit bendingDuring the first couple of days at ‘Nepokoreni grad’ (Unconquered City) festival in Karlovac, Free Traveling Radio Crew (Djahjah, Maris, Anna, Tatiana, Lesh and Kruno) has been working on radio streaming over FRSM a well as FM radio on 99.0. Radio was working 24 hours for two days on 25th and 26th of august 2007.

Preparations for program have started in Križevci where we have been working on circuit bending, making our own electronic circuits and working with cellular automata software that would help us make music and sounds. We had a plan to study PD as well and to finish a robot (RobyDRobot) for cellular automata performance, but we weren’t lucky with the equipment. Robot was supposed to have a wireless control, and we were also thinking of making a batteries that would supply its energy.

Searching for old electronic stuff

Duchamp 'Fountain' and FTR antennaWe are appreciating help of the mister from RTV service ‘Telesonic’ from Križevci that gave us lots of old tape recorders, electronic boards, radios etc, and others that donated old toys. We broke them apart and got many interesting parts and different sounds out of them.

While in Karlovac we have set up antenna on the roof of the Youth Center ‘Domaći’ re-creating Duchamps first and lost ‘Fountain’

Antenna crew

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Simfonia no 1.

Posted by admin on 28th August 2007

Djahjah Weird Sound GeneratorDjahjah made an audio pice “Sinfonia nº1 – dos atentados terroristas e dos financiamentos estatais” on his newly finished instrument ‘Weird Sound Generator’.

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2nd Line performance

Posted by admin on 28th August 2007

Steve BuchananAnna and Djahjah are making a performance using the possibilities of 2nd Line, Steve Buchanan invention which transforms a dance into music. 2nd line uses a board and piezzo microphones that are connected with midi sound bank. By stepping n the board you can choose which instruments you want to play.

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Its better that Toninho Molvadeza (Evil Tony) died than me

Posted by admin on 25th August 2007


ACM dartingInternational team of free media and free culture artivists (and those who don’t know who they are but don’t care much) will celebrate end of right wing orientated Brasilian politician Antonio Carlos Peixotoa (better known as ACM or Evil Tony) rule. By celebrating his death we are making a base for new era of collaboration in free media and free culture between Croatia and Brasil.

During 80’s ACM gave media frequencies (both TV and radio) to narrow group of rich and powerful friends and familly which resulted in centralized media production and ended up with today’s media picture of Brasil, led by only 7 families.

ACM has been lying in the hospital for 3 months before his death. In Brasil word is that it was this long because nether god or devil wanted to take him, reflecting the national feeling for this politician.

During international celebration, from 24th to 27th of August, people from Poland, Brasil and Croatia will held different activities such as artistic actions, games and entertainment, free media collaborations, workshops, etc.

Games and entertainment
Dart games – hit Evil Tonys nose and score a free song on free radio.

Creative workshops for kids
Draw a donkey ears (or whatever you want) on Evil Tonys head.

Party time
‘Brasil<>Croatia’ – wild DJs playing national anthems in all directions (forward and reverse).

New technology workshops
Circuit bending workshops and playing with star of the party – RobyDRobot. DJ RobyDRobot will play cellular machine hits that will hit charts next year.

High culture
Ceremonial exchange in pirated versions of CDs and DVDs between Brasilian and Croatian cultural communities representatives under working title ‘Pirates are Cool’.

During 2006. Brasilian gene was implanted in polish person. During NG ’07 a transitions in persons behaviour and organism will be observed, as well as her communication with local population.
Special focus will be focused on biological functions such as way of consumption of food or sexual appetites. Also a cultural changes will be observed, a need to dance, to listen music and so on. Sequences of this observations will be streamed over video to Brasil and Poland.
This work will by help of new technologies and advanced science make a research on possibilities how can genes mixing be used as a way to stop world round right wing and nationalistic trends.

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testing circuit bending

Posted by admin on 23rd August 2007

Circuit bending playing with old walkman/radio

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RobyDrobot is comming alive!!

Posted by admin on 22nd August 2007

Lesh and RobyDRobotLesh arrived with RobbyDRobot. Robby will get a new functions so it can get transformed by just clicking one button into dancing and singing machine.

Lesh also developed another robot.More soon…

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First attempts to circuit bending

Posted by admin on 21st August 2007

Free Traveling Radio collective will wisit Nepokoreni grad festival. Preparation for program ‘Better that Evil Tony died than me’ has started in Križevci with circuit bending workshops. Here are some photos and small video on our first circuit bending toy. We had so much fun with noises that eventually we burned it.

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Zadar sounds

Posted by admin on 21st August 2007

Sea organs schemeWe have captured interesting sounds of Zadar to give u a sound representations where we have been working for last week.
Sounds include street recordings and famous Sea Organ constructed in Zadars harbor in 2005.

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!!Screenshot!! :)

Posted by admin on 13th August 2007

number of listeners


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Recording from Patty Diphusa, Confessions of a porn star

Posted by admin on 13th August 2007

Patty DiphusaPatty Diphusa, Confessions of a Porn Star is cabaret created from series of stories written by Pedro Almodóvar which were in sequels published in Madrid’s magazine La Luna, in (during) the eighties. Those stories are from the edge of urban life, rude stories which glorifies everything (all) human: sex, pleasure, violence, love, romantic, wishes. Patty is a girl from dreams, full of life, who never sleeps, projection of spectator’s desires, writer’s alter-ego.

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Interview with Nenad (IvoJimma)

Posted by admin on 13th August 2007

pIvoJimmaYesterday Tatiana and Djahjah made an interview with Nenad from tabor film festival talking about differences in cultures as they were and as they are.
He is one of the organizers and director of the Tabor Film Festiva, a festival of short movies. Tabor also hosted Free Traveling radio, and now he is presenting short movies from around the world on Zadar snova festival.

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4th day of the festival Zadar snova

Posted by admin on 11th August 2007

panorama of Providuras where 10th August show took place

Lada Petrovski

On August 10th a contemporary dance performance ‘Sjedi 1’ (Sit down 1 – a term used in school when pupil doesn’t satisfy teachers question) was held in Providurs palace in the middle of Zadar. We bring you audio from the show and an interview with dancer Lada Petrovski.

‘When good is not good enough… The effort of perfectionist women is often not recognized enough… Love isn’t beloved enough… Saying only ‘I feel dizzy’ isn’t enough….
Educators are not in a bad enough situation…. When body is never slim enough…
American report says that Bosnia and Herzegovina still isn’t enough… Being on the title page is not enough… Croatian government has not sufficiently

Domagoj Mišković

supported projects…School has not sufficiently tutored the young on what that is…. Not cooked enough… No matter how hard he tried for her it was not enough…. Supporting our team is barely enough, isn’t it? … He is not smart enough to comprehend… Sometimes perfection is simply not enough… Altering only ours isn’t enough… Saying no, is not enough… Praying and waiting is not enough… Being aware is also not enough… Being natural is not good enough for the stage… In this collage we once again dig through that old dilemma about what is enough or is not enough for interacting with an audience and what old patterns we keep slipping upon while presenting ourselves / performers / authors to others. Concept of a solo act seemed perfect for this research. Vulnerability in disclosing of a performer as a common person, normal and with all his flaws certainly provides taste to a dish like this. It also reveals that ‘not enough’ is merely something our mind has created along with expectations that we bring into any play of life. We shall test our boundaries of –being not enough–, as we hope we may simply –be-‘ (Text from

For listening to an interview visit

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Festivalski radio @ Zadar snova

Posted by admin on 9th August 2007

Festivalski radio (Festival Radio) is streaming over and will soon be on 98.6 FM. Festivalski radio will transmit recorded sounds from Zadar, lots of music from all around the world, loca DJs. Also we will read material which we find interesting concerning free radio and pirate radio.

Stay tuned! And if u want us to re-transmit your stream over our FM broadcast contact us on or udrugauke(at)

Festivalski radio will transmit until 14th of August. Check the program of the Zadar snova contemporary theater festival at

We are lucky enough to have (again!) guests from Brasil. Tatiana and Djahjah will help us in creating a program, and with us is omnipresent Zadar’s DJ Daniela Fox.

Gambiarra againEquipment that was supposed to workConstruction workers helped us to put antenna on the buildingSetting up the radio spacePosters of Zadar snova festival and 99.8 FM Festivalski radioEverything is connected - Festival radio can begin

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