FTR @ Moje, tvoje, naše Fair

This is roof view where antena of Free Traveling Radio was placed on the top of Croatian Cultural Club Sušak. FTR was a part of Mine, Yours, Ours Fair (Moje, tvoje, naše) happening yearly in town of Rijeka, Croatia.

FTR was placed among desks where music distributions, zines, books, pamphlets and other informational materials could be found from Croatia and other parts of the world. People could freely interact and participate in program making of the radio. Also exchange place was built so one can leave something they dont need, like an old book or record and exchange it for something they find useful.

Every year Fair is visited by alternative publishing houses like ‘Što čitaš’ (What are you reading), international guests from Hamburg with project called Cafe Libertad and many more.

Antenna was set up more than 7 floors high and most of the Rijeka could be seen from there. Unfortunatelly 7 floors are lots of walk when one has to go up and down because of kable problems. So word of advice: test and retest your cables before you set them up.

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