MMKamp ’12 is offering a wide range of activities in guerilla art – guerilla sound installations, guerilla moss graffiti, guerilla drive in, guerilla radio… MMakmp’12 headquarters will be set up in picturesque SPA resort, Sv. Martin na Muri, surrounded by a beautiful nature. Participants are welcomed to apply for MMKamp and actively participate in everyday activity: from cooking, to creating new ideas, to realizing them in group guerilla actions (GGA).

Dates: 27th August – 1st September.

Proposed activities:
1/ Videomobile – screening material from the travelling van (based on,
2/ Free travelling radio – ad-hoc radio show on pirate FM station (
3/ Moss graffiti – on billboards!! (
4/ Guerilla noise concert
5/ Add your idea here!

Cost: for 50 € participants get 5 days of accommodation at SPA resort that includes indoor and outdoor swimming, sauna. Participants are acoomodated in 5 beds apartments with kitchen (that is incredible 10 € par day!!). Participants have to take effort to arrange their own travelling to Sv. Martin and back, have to have sense of community (cooking and cleaning together, taking care of each other..)

Place: Spa (toplice ) Sv. Martin na Muri:
Međimurje county:

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